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Patrícia Lume creates Humana - Audiovisual Expressions and works as a Screenwriter and Director of films for 15 years At Humana has been making Biographical, Institutional, Documentary and Fiction films. She is a Brazilian Filmmaker and lives in Salvador city, Bahia state. She has a Specialization in Screenplay, Directing and Production for Cinema by Faculdade Hélio Rocha- Salvador/Bahia. Specialization in Interpretation and Directing for TV and Cinema – Take a Take Workshop – Ssa/Ba; Specialization in Video Editing by Estação Vídeo, Ssa/Ba; Specialization in Script, Direction and Production by the Producer Jaguatirica, Ssa/Ba; Specialization in Cinematography Direction by Instituto Casa da Fotografia, Ssa/Ba. She as a filmmaker has the mission of touching the human soul through the dramatic and psychological representation of her characters. She has two award-winning films: CHIARA (2022) and REDSHIFT (2014). Extension course by UNB (University of Brasília) in "Saúde Pop Rua"(Health Pop Street) - training for people at risk. He worked in Porto Alegre city, Rio Grande do Sul state on the "Cooking and Service" project - (20717 to 2019) in needy communities, taking food and making documentaries. He has been teaching the subject "The art of writing and interpreting texts" at the Writing Center in Salvador/Bahia for 20 years.
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Cilene Azêvedo is a lawyer registered number at the OAB / Ba. She works with human rights. At Humana she is a Human Rights advisor and coordinates the sector of approach to communities at risk.
Marisa Abujamra is a clinical psychologist and pedagogue. With experience in the area of education, she develops a work on games and ludic techniques, called Ludo Educação Psicoemocional.
For years she worked with communication creating projects in the area of people development. She works with underprivileged young people providing professional guidance and developing the life project.
At Humana she is a script assistant and coordinates the activities of workshops in risk communities.
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Maria Christina is a documentary filmmaker with a degree in Social Communication and Qualification in Cinema from the FTC University of Technology and Sciences at Salvador city, Bahia, Brasil. At SENAC she studied Voiceover, script and production. He worked at the ISC / UFBA Collective Health Institute for many years and there she coordinated the audiovisual sector, where she produced several documentaries together with the students about their work at the risk communities. For two years she was director of TV UFBA, in the management of UFBA's Dean, Naomar Ameida filho.
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