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The Humana - Audiovisual Expressions arises in order to leave a legacy through its films and courses that we can establish social relations more fair and equitable.

Our mission is to touch the human soul through the psychological representation of the inner life of people and characters. The elaboration of films and courses is a tool that we use to emerge in the other, the strength to overcome bridges and reach another bank of the river, closer to the secrets of human hearts.

Patrícia Lume, who now writes to you, is an admirer of the oral narrative, the appearance of the written word and the appearance of the moving image, the cinema. In Life about Life, we selected these expressions mentioned above, as tools for social transformation.

Adept of the poetics that articulates words in a harmonious way, in 2016, she participates in the Paraty literature contest with the poetry "Pala Dares". Living today, in the southern western hemisphere, and already knowing that words cannot reveal everything, I say goodbye to you who are now my reader with some words from my poetry Pala Dares: ... "And who do you know before the union of colors , peaceful or angry, in the dawn, in the illusion that aspires to duration, exclaiming with elegant ardor, 100 thousand liberating songs " ...

To know about the Patricia Lume academic learning trajectory, she shares the masters she met, participating in their teachings, most of them, in the audiovisual area:


Long duration dramaturgy - Case study: Soap Opera - Amor Perfeito(Perfect Love) - with the authors: Duca Rachid, Júlio Fischer e Elísio Lopes Território Artistics courses and events - 2023  


Course Fiction Narratives for TV Series  NQA/NE Northeast Qualification Center 2022;


Course Pop Health street - Specialization in people street situation -UNB - 2019;


Creative Writing Course - Eat, write and travel - taught by Fred Linardi -Doctorate in Letters in the area of ​​creative writing - PUC / Porto Alegre / RS and Luiz Roberto Amabile - Doctor of Letters in the area of ​​literary theory and creative writing - PUC / Porto Alegre / RS - Porto Alegre - Intensive 1 month / 2019;


Specialization in Screenplay and Direction for cinema -Hélio Rocha University-Salvador /Bahia/Brasil -2007;


Workshop Cinema Documentary - History and practice -Spanish filmmaker  Daniel Jariod - Instituto Cervantes / 2012, SSA / Ba;


Film Direction Course -Chilean filmmaker Miguel Littin / UFBA-2010;


Documentary course - Filmmaker João Batista Andrade-Campinas-SP-2010;


Cinema Workshop - Egyptian Director / Canadian Atom Egoyam -FAAP / SP-2011;


Cinematography course - Cinematographer Luiz Antônio Mendes-   (8 pm) - Casa da Fotografia Institute - SSA / Ba-2008;


Course of Production, Screenplay and Direction for cinema - filmmaker Walter Webb-Produtora Jaguatirica, SSA / Ba-2009;


Interpretation and direction course for TV and cinema -   Globo soap opera director Miguel Rodrigues, Oficina Take a Take-SSA / Ba-2007;


Video editing course - Video station, 2006, SSA / Ba;


Graduated - Business Administration - UNIFACS- Universities of Salvador-1991-SSA / Ba;


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